Bring about a generative AI revolution in learning by building 1 million courses by 2025

Our cutting-edge skills academy platform seamlessly blends content design, coaching, live training, and data analytics, crafting agile programs tailored to your business needs. We enable you to move faster to meet your training needs. Trusted by global leaders, Hive Learning delivers measurable impact and is acclaimed for excellence in learning innovation.

We aim to streamline the management of diverse learning programs and deliver exceptional learning outcomes. By leveraging Generative AI, Hive empowers L&D teams to efficiently design and implement high-impact learning experiences across multiple platforms. Our focus is on automating program delivery, boosting engagement through peer-driven nudges, and using AI-driven program management to enable our clients to deliver results quickly.

Hive strives to reduce the burden on L&D teams, making it easier for them to create, manage, and deliver effective learning programs. We are transforming the learning landscape, helping organizations achieve better ROI on their L&D efforts and enhance the learning experience for everyone involved. Hive’s mission is to transform the learning landscape, helping organizations achieve better ROI on their L&D efforts and enhance the learning experience for everyone involved.

Our Values

Experts but not always right

At Hive Learning, we value expertise but understand that perfection is elusive. We actively seek feedback and continuously improve, realizing that listening to our customers and respecting diverse ideas lead to success. Data guides our decisions, ensuring we learn and evolve, always striving to provide the best solutions.

Substance before "sizzle"

Our humility and focus on impact set us apart. Egos have no place here; we deliver on promises and value each other's time. We practice what we preach, prioritizing substance over hype, always ensuring our actions match our words.

Caring & courageous

Relationships are paramount at Hive Learning. We're approachable, honest, and supportive, embracing feedback as a means to grow. As proactive problem solvers, we thrive in discomfort, facing challenges head-on to achieve meaningful results.

Evergreen entrepreneurs

We operate with autonomy, embracing ambiguity as an opportunity for growth. We champion innovation, test ideas, and recognize when "good enough" is better than perfect. Our commitment to continuous learning and innovation drives us forward, ensuring we never stop evolving.

Meet the team

Laura Keith


Fabrizio Conrado

Chief Product Officer

Gemma Jones

Commercial Director - EMEA

Chris Thursfield-Walton

General Manager - North America

Gina Gripton

Legal Director

Zoe Allerding

Head of Programs & Culture

George Holton

Head of Customer Success

Charles Mindenhall

Board Director

Manoj Badale

Board Director

Hear from our team

‘Hive is the first corporate job I took on after finishing university. When I initially joined, I expected to stay for only one year, but here I am, two and a half years later, and in an entirely different role and department from where I started. The opportunities for growth and development here are second to none. You are continually supported and encouraged to step out of your comfort zone and try new things. The work is purposeful and fulfilling and your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed; you are consistently rewarded and recognised for your dedication and achievements. Above everything, the people and culture are what makes Hive a truly great place to work. It's easy to be your authentic self and everyone is more than willing to offer support and have fun while doing it. The result is a lively and inclusive atmosphere that makes every day enjoyable.’

Alice Blundell

People & Operations Director

‘Hive Learning is unlike any other place I've worked. As one of the first hires in the US team, I’ve been fortunate to grow and evolve at the same time the business has also grown and evolved, taking on new challenges and opportunities as they have come. Right now, managing a team of customer success managers is such fulfilling work and has helped me become a more empathetic leader, something that has only been possible through Hive’s trust in me. I know I can show up every day as my true self and the people around me will support and appreciate it always.’

Jess Landis

Customer Success Director - US

‘There is never a dull moment working at Hive Learning. The energy is contagious, and it's impossible not to be inspired by the forward-thinking mindset that spreads throughout the company. The people are really what makes this a special place to work. Colleagues quickly become friends, who genuinely care about your success, and are always there to support you. Autonomy is a core aspect of our culture - from your very first day you are trusted to make decisions and try new things, which is extremely motivating. There are lots of opportunities for career development and growth here - I started here as a fresh graduate right out of university and now lead my own team. The support and guidance I've received along the way have been invaluable.’

Polly Beale

Customer Success Director - EMEA

‘From the moment I joined Hive, I immediately felt the warm welcoming culture, innovative approach, and commitment to making a difference. Hive has provided me with plenty of opportunities to develop and enabled me to expand my skills and level up in my career through several promotions in a relatively short span of time. The collaborative and supportive environment fostered here has not only enhanced my professional life but also encouraged great relationships with colleagues especially during off-site residential events! Continuous learning and personal growth genuinely matters here and if you're willing to embrace challenges, think outside the box, and not be afraid to get stuck-in you can achieve a lot and grow with Hive!’

Heri Chiragi

Technical Success Manager

Ready to embark on this mission