Empowerment at the Intersection of AI and Human Insight

Human-Centric AI – AI, Tailored to You

Our GenAI Difference

Hive Learning redefines skill development with a customer-centric approach, where AI-Power meets human-centred design. This unique blend ensures that every learning experience is powered by innovative technology and is also deeply personalised to fit the learner’s needs and goals. 

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Starting with BuzzCurator, our solution empowers you to design tailored learning content that meets your industry’s specific needs. It’s about moving beyond generic courses to create something that truly resonates with your workforce.

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Next, BuzzFacilitator, it’s not just about consuming information; it’s about interacting with it, applying it, and learning from peers in a supportive environment. BuzzFacilitator ensures that learning sticks.

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And finally, BuzzInsights closes the loop by providing detailed analytics and insights on the effectiveness of your learning initiatives. It’s about understanding what works, what doesn’t, and where to focus next, ensuring your investment in learning delivers real, measurable outcomes.


Human-Centric AI

Hive Learning redefines skill development with a customer-centric approach where AI power meets human-centered design. This blend ensures each learning experience is powered by innovative technology and deeply personalized to fit the learner’s needs and goals.


Trust Through Security

Security is fundamental at Hive Learning. We implement the highest standards of data protection and privacy, ensuring every interaction and piece of information is safeguarded. This builds strong trust with our clients, allowing them to focus on learning without security concerns.


Agility in Learning

Hive Learning embraces agile methodologies in software development and learning solution delivery. This approach allows us to rapidly develop, test, and iterate our solutions, ensuring they align with the latest industry needs and learning science. Agile methodologies enable us to be responsive to feedback and adaptable to change.


Speed to Competence

Quick onboarding is a hallmark of Hive Learning. We’ve streamlined our process to get teams up and running within days, not weeks or months. This rapid deployment ensures organizations can quickly begin their learning journeys, minimizing downtime and accelerating skill development.

Our Proven Approach

Delivered in four modes to close Intent to Action gap


set purpose, gain


shared understanding
& expectation setting


practice, reflect,


react quickly to data & insights and real-world events

Underpinned by network effects to drive engagement and accountability sky high

Content, campaigns, nudges, measurement – all mapped to your strategic objectives

Learning Design, Marketing, Data Science – it’s part of the package

Our Methodology:

to deliver a unique blend of collaborative and personalised learning experiences

  • Rooted in learning pedagogy & instructional design theory
  • Informed by trends and robust research
  • Guided by thought leadership
  • Written exclusively for Hive by internal subject matter experts
    IP remains our own
  • AI is our assistant
  • Used to conduct a thorough Needs Analysis
  • To identify capability gaps
  • To personalise learning journeys
  • To help build bespoke content
  • To measure impact
    All content is human-verified
  • Ability to incorporate client content
  • Flexibility to build out content by any topic
  • Choice of digital content and live events
  • Blended learning solutions
    Tailored to different audiences

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