How we think about integrations

Creating a central hub for learning becomes seamless with Hive Learning’s smart integrations.

Our platform syncs effortlessly with your existing tech ecosystem, automating routine tasks, improving the precision of reporting, and enabling you to expand your learning programs with confidence and security.

Identity and Access Management

Streamline secure access to Hive Learning with SAML-based Single Sign-On (SSO) and keep user details up to date effortlessly with SCIM. Access made simple and secure, no passwords needed.

HR Systems and Applicant Tracking

Improve your insights by integrating Hive Learning with your HR system or Applicant Tracking System. This enables automated course enrolments, efficient onboarding scaling, precise user access management, and tailored reporting.

Engagement and Productivity Tools

Boost course completion rates through timely nudges. Hive Learning integrates with popular productivity and communication tools, ensuring learners receive instant notifications and reminders right where they work, keeping them engaged and progressing.  

Frequently asked questions

Will my employees be distracted by too many notifications?

Not at all - our experience integrations send intelligent nudges that fit with the flow of their working day.

How do I set up integrations for my organisation?

Our brilliant technical team will handle the setup process for any type of integration you want to connect with.

Will our IT team need to install anything?

For more complex integrations that connect using APIs, our team might need to speak to your technical team to streamline the process.

We’d like to use integrations but have a complex setup. Can you help?

We offer both off the shelf and custom integrations. If we don't already have a solution for your setup, our team can craft a customised integration to meet your needs.

Will I be able to report on the same usage metrics if I use integrations?

Absolutely. The data you see in the Hive Learning platform will be the same that you see if exporting to your own systems. Data integrity and consistency is paramount.

I already get notifications through email - should I use integrations too?

Email can easily be ignored or deleted. Our integrations focus on making sure we're where learners are and help them use Hive Learning as part of their natural workflow.

Will my data be stored safely?

We don't store any of your confidential data - our integrations move information from the Hive Learning platform to your own systems.

I have a lot of systems, how will integrations simplify the experience?

Our integrations are designed to be useful, purposeful, and ultimately to make working between your systems and Hive Learning as streamlined as possible.