AI-Driven Programme Management Platform

Scalable, enterprise-ready, programmatic learning technology

Our platform makes it easier for L&D leaders to deliver learning programs to 1000s of cohorts at scale –– co-ordinating live learning, scheduling asynchronous content, deploying nudges into the flow of work, and managing cohorts all from one intuitive interface.

Deep integrations into your HCM enable cohort management at a speed and scale not humanly possible, while integrations into your productivity tools make injecting learning into the flow of work a breeze.

Our one-of-a-kind Engagement Engine gives you a toolbox of features to close the Intent to Action gap. And our AI-Content Design Assistant will help you create simple, engaging content in minutes by applying our learnings on what makes learning sticky to your content.

You can sleep easy knowing that all the hard work is being taken care of behind the scenes, while learners get a consumer-grade user experience –– seamlessly switching between systems and being reminded to put what they learned into practice as they go about their day.

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One intuitive interface to manage your learning programmes

Build and manage your group-based learning experiences in just a few clicks

Build and Manage Live and Asynchronous Content

Use our CMS to create, design, and launch content and events quickly, from scheduling live events to building beautiful, bite-size asynchronous content.

Schedule and deliver marketing campaigns

Schedule nudges and action-reminders to be deployed across email, Teams, and in the calendar all from within one simple campaign management dashboard.

Automate cohort management

Think of us like your own personal ‘sorting hat’. We’ll sync data from your HCM to assign people to cohorts with speed, scale, and intelligent recommendations so good they’ll feel like magic.

Go faster with our AI-Content Design Assistant

Upload your content to our Design Assistant and we’ll optimize it for high engagement, plus add in action reminders, pulse surveys, and nudges. You’ll be ready and raring to go in an hour.

Our Engagement Engine turns Learning into Action

Take advantage of our engagement toolbox honed using millions of data points

Engineer social media style nudges for learning

Peer-driven nudges generate 5X higher engagement than traditional marketing campaigns. Schedule nudges from influencers to deploy in the flow of work to create sky high engagement.

Close the Intent to Action gap with Action Checks

Set Actions for your learners to take that they can schedule directly to their calendar. They’ll get reminders, feel accountable, and you’ll know when they’ve actually turned Learning into Action.

Embed learning with our Conversational AI Bot

Our Bot embeds into Teams to prompt learners to put what they’ve learned into action, respond to pulse surveys, work through scenarios, and find content that’s most relevant in the flow of work.

Group-based experience amplifies FOMO

When our group-based learning experience meets our nudge engine, magic happens. We prompt learners to reflect, share learnings, and commit to action in front of their peers to create shared understanding and FOMO on and offline.

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Deep integrations into your ecosystem

100s of platforms > One intuitive interface

Low-code and no-code integrations

Our out-of-the-box integrations make it easy for you to connect every part of your learning programme experience –– from live events to your HCM to your LMS, and our team of integrations specialists will be here to support you.

Integrate into the flow of work

Seamless integrations with Teams, Slack, Sharepoint, and the Calendar make it easy for learners to keep on top of fresh learning, report progress, and search all from within the flow of work.

Integrate into the HCM

Shared via secure data exchange, our HCM integrations make cohort management a breeze and make it easier than ever before to track your learning data by goal, role, cohort, and everything you’ve ever dreamed of.

Integrate into the LMS

Feed data like completions, engagement and CPD credits into your LMS so everything is logged and accredited.

Deploy quickly, scalably, and flexibly

Get up and running in as little as two weeks

Easily test, iterate, and adapt

In-built pulse surveys and analytics dashboards mean you can iterate on programme delivery quickly using our simple programme management dashboard.

Simple cohort management

Take the headache out of cohort management and deliver multiple experiential programmes to 100s of cohorts simultaneously.

Flexible group-structure

Whether you want your programmes to be open or private, opt in or compulsory, our flexible group structure means you can seamlessly run 100s of different programmes simultaneously.

Remove language as a barrier to learning

From automatic comment translation with 90% accuracy, to side-by-side language editing in our programme builder, to automated content translation, delivering global programmes has never been easier.

"Hive Learning has changed the way we connect with our people. It has made it possible to share ideas and experiences in an engaging way, and enabled greater collaboration across geographical boundaries during challenging times."

Richard Drake

Managing Director, Babcock DST

"Halma Hub is a focal point for learning, sharing best practice and networking across the group at a much deeper level than just the most senior ranks. This has accelerated the pace of change and collaboration between the companies."

Andrew Williams

CEO, Halma

"Our ambition to be one of the best insurance and asset management companies in the world depends on active and sincere efforts to embrace diverse perspectives. We’re excited to work with Hive Learning to support us in achieving our goal."

Helena Pagano

Executive Vice-President, Chief Human Resources and Communications Officer, Sun Life

"Hive Learning really helped connect all our line managers as a community. It’s helped conversations flow, not only within the UK, but across the market internationally. These conversations just weren’t happening before. It’s been really transformational."

Hannah Moger

Leadership Development Manager, Jaguar Land Rover

"We have over 300 people in our community now who are collaborating, sharing and accessing resources. That’s something we thought we might have got to at the end of the year, but we’ve been able to do that in a couple of weeks."

Gemma Paterson

Head of Development Experiences and Innovation, Legal & General

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