We wrapped up a fantastic webinar with Tim Munden, former Chief Learning Officer at Unilever and Director at Kairon and Fabrizio Conrado, Chief Product Office at Hive Learning, focused on managing change, creating a growth mindset, and the critical role of reskilling in today’s workplace. 

We’re here to dish out the highlights, key insights, and takeaways. Whether you attended or missed out, this summary will provide you with all the essential details and actionable insights from the session.

Key Takeaways

No time to read the whole blog? No worries, just catch these highlights:

  1. Human beings naturally resist change, overcoming this requires a strategic approach
  2. The skills required for success over the next 3 to 5 years include data management, adaptability and change management, emotional intelligence and leadership and much more!
  3. Reskilling vs. rehiring: reliance solely on recruitment is unsustainable due to the scarcity of skills, not considering the ethical implications as well
  4.  Purpose and curiosity are the keys to motivation and engagement – only 24% of people feel curious in the workplace, despite its recognised importance. 

War Stories from the Trenches 

How do you manage change in large organizations? 

Tim Munden shared some “war stories” and practical advice. 

“In a small organization, you can almost get everybody together and have a discussion. But how do you do that with tens of thousands of people?” 

The answer lies in setting up a learning council and engaging leaders to discuss the skills required for future success.

Understanding Change and Growth Mindset

One of the central themes of our discussion was the inherent resistance to change that we all experience. Our expert highlighted the importance of creating a growth mindset to manage this challenge effectively. 

This involves developing strategies that address both immediate needs and long-term goals, ensuring we stay adaptable in an ever-evolving workplace.

Change Management 

A practical tool introduced during the webinar was the 2×2 matrix, which helps visualize and plan change management. This matrix considers short-term and long-term objectives alongside the skills and adaptability required.

Implementing a plan that addresses all four areas is crucial for successful change management.

The Debate: Recruitment vs. Reskilling

Many organizations rely on recruitment to bridge skills gaps. But is it sustainable? 

The discussion highlighted the ethical and practical aspects of reskilling vs. recruitment. As resources become scarce, investing in your current workforce through reskilling is not just ethical but also cost-effective in the long run.

“What is the cost to our organization of severing people with obsolete skills?”

By comparing the costs of severance and recruitment with the investment needed for reskilling, organizations can make informed decisions that benefit both the company and its employees. Real-world data from Unilever showcased how a structured reskilling strategy can significantly benefit both the organization and its employees.

Engaging Employees Through Purpose

Connecting employees’ personal purpose with their professional growth can significantly boost engagement and performance. 

“Helping people identify their own purpose can drive engagement and performance.”

At Unilever, a one-day purpose workshop helped employees align their personal goals with organizational objectives, resulting in increased motivation and productivity.

Leadership’s Role in Successful Change

Effective leadership is pivotal in driving successful transformations. Studies show that “Workers rank leadership as the top driver of transformation success.”

Leaders must model change with vulnerability and actively involve employees in the process to ensure buy-in and reduce fear.

“Change programs go wrong when people fear it’s being done to them rather than their participating.”

Final Thoughts

The webinar provided a wealth of insights on creating a growth mindset, the benefits of reskilling, and the importance of leadership in driving successful transformation. 

Remember, embracing the human aspects of change and learning is essential. 

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