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Introducing Hive Learning Suite

Our solution stands out for its AI-driven ability to design with hyper relevance, deliver with business collaboration and personalization, data aligned to business impact and integration capabilities. It’s designed to fit seamlessly into an organization’s existing tech ecosystem, making it a versatile tool for L&D professionals. 


Introducing Buzz GenAI Capablities:


Tailored Curriculum Design

Let’s start with the tool that empowers you to craft curriculums that resonate with your industry’s unique challenges. Its intuitive design ensures that creating and updating courses is effortless, keeping your content relevant and impactful.

BuzzCurator is uniquely capable of handling large volumes of unstructured data, enabling the creation of courses that are easily updated and tailored to different audiences. It empowers subject matter experts to contribute to training design and delivery without the traditional time or skill set usually required.


Dynamic Learning Engagement

Learning doesn’t stop at content creation. BuzzFacilitator brings learning to life by interacting directly with users in their workflow, offering an additional layer of support to keep learners engaged.

BuzzFacilitator utilizes role-specific scenarios, ensuring skills are not just learned but applied. It’s about moving beyond traditional learning to foster real growth and team synergy.


Strategic Learning Impact Analysis

Moving beyond basic activity tracking of completion BuzzInsights provides deep insights into the impact of your programs.

BuzzInsights evaluates the success of your learning initiatives and guides you on where to focus next, ensuring your investments in learning deliver real, measurable outcomes.

Across the last three years alone we’ve delivered:


deployments spanning
various sectors

79 million

learning interactions across 146 countries


of learners putting new skills into action

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