Reduce transformation costs by 30% and improve tracking by 80%

De-Risk Your Business Transformation for Success

Key Benefits

Reduce Costs by 30%

Improve Tracking by 80%

Accelerate Implementation

Problems We Solve

Slow Implementation of New Strategies

  • Slow design and implementation processes taking up to 6 months.
  • Slow adaptation to leadership changes and high costs of training.
  • Delays in implementing new of new digital tools and processes

How We Magically Solve Them:

  • BuzzCurator: Transform unstructured data into tailored learning modules that meet specific business goals.
  • BuzzSidekick: Embed learning in daily workflows for seamless adoption.

High Resistance to Change

  • Employees resist new processes due to comfort with existing workflows.
  • Poor communication and collaboration across locations.
  • Concerns about job loss or altered roles lead to resistance.

How We Magically Solve Them:

  • BuzzSidekick: Real-time feedback to address resistance and improve engagement.
  • BuzzFacilitator:Engaging, scenario-based training to ease the transition.

Increased Costs and Project Delays

  • Unexpected expenses exceed the planned budget.
  • Projects take longer than anticipated, delaying benefits.
  • Inefficient use of resources leads to higher costs and delays.

How We Magically Solve Them:

  • BuzzCurator: Create relevant and efficient learning paths to minimize delays.
  • BuzzInsights:
    Optimize training programs to reduce costs and accelerate timelines

Our Products

Success Stories:

Across the last three years alone we’ve delivered


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various sectors

79 million

learning interactions across 146 countries


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