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Key Benefits

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Increase Sales Velocity

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Problems We Solve

Onboarding & Ramping up

  • Inadequate training and resources for new sales reps leading to slow ramp-up times.
  • Difficulty in keeping up with product updates and features, leading to gaps in knowledge.
  • High volumes of new starters needing the latest pitch, product knowledge, and methodologies.
  • Sales reps require a minimum of 20 hours of live pitching to become effective.
  • New hires struggle to quickly adapt to the company’s sales process and culture.

How We Magically Solve Them:

  • BuzzCurator: Delivers business-relevant content tailored to your specific sales methodologies, ensuring new hires receive the most pertinent information.
  • BuzzFacilitator: Provides scenario-based practice, allowing sales reps to practice in realistic settings, making their training permanent.
  • BuzzSidekick: Offers instant access to knowledge, so new reps can quickly find answers and resources as they need them.

Process & Policy and Tools

  • Inefficient use of CRM tools, resulting in incomplete or inaccurate data.
  • Lack of well-defined sales playbooks to guide reps through various sales scenarios.
  • Difficulty in integrating various sales tools and platforms for streamlined workflows.
  • Ineffective product demos that fail to engage and persuade prospects.
  • Over-reliance on rigid sales scripts that do not allow flexibility during conversations.

How We Magically Solve Them:

  • Platform: Centralizes all processes, policies, and tools in one accessible location, ensuring consistency and ease of use.
  • Sales Sidekick: Provides instant access to process updates, policy changes, and tool information, keeping reps informed and efficient. 

Skills & Retention

  • High turnover rates due to lack of ongoing skill development.
  • Difficulty in maintaining and improving the skills of existing sales reps.  
  • Insufficient training on handling common objections during sales calls.
  • Lack of continuous training and development opportunities for sales reps.
  • Sales reps’ difficulty in adapting to new sales techniques and market conditions.
  • Lack of regular sales coaching and performance feedback.

How We Magically Solve Them:

  • BuzzFacilitator: Delivers ongoing, scenario-based practice opportunities, ensuring skills are continuously honed and retained.
  • Sales Sidekick: Provides continuous access to relevant knowledge and resources, keeping skills sharp and engagement high.

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