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"Peer learning has truly helped us unlock the power of our volunteers, scaling the support we are able to offer them and creating a real sense of belonging amongst our volunteer community. Hive Learning help us deliver learning in a scalable, agile, and actionable way."

Victoria Hornby

CEO, Shout

"We're constantly pushing the limits of change within our workplace. Hive Learning helps us embed daily learning habits to drive positive behaviors we can measure. The Hive Learning team are an absolute pleasure and joy to work with, a true partner."

Rachel Denmeade

HR Director, Inchcape

"We have people all over the world. We had to find a tool to bring teams together and provide one single source of information. Hive Learning helped us achieve a higher level of knowledge sharing and expand what’s possible for our organization."

Silke Grosse-Hornke

Learning & Development Specialist, Innogy

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An agile, scalable model for supporting your workforce every day

When you have a large dispersed workforce, embedding critical learning is tough. The forgetting curve is real, but most learning teams just don’t have a way to continuously embed learning or respond rapidly to questions at the speed learners need.

Whether your learners are volunteers, work independently, or in smaller groups in disparate locations, we can help you digitize your existing training so learners can easily come back to critical material time and time again, with nudges reminding them to put what they’ve learned into practice.

We’ll bring together new and experienced learners alike in one easy-to-use network so questions get answered in minutes, and you can easily spot common challenges and update training to match.

The most important bit? Learners no longer feel like independent operators. They feel like they’re part of something bigger.

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Overcome the forgetting curve

Whatever the critical skills or behaviors you want to embed,  we can wrap around your training to help you turn learning into action.

We have a bite-sized, multimedia content format which makes it easy to create versions of your training materials people can visit over and over again, at their point of need.

We’ll use peer-driven nudges to keep motivation for learning high so people keep coming back.

Plus, you can tap into our playbook of activation tactics to encourage conversation and sharing.

Hive Solution

When people feel connected to a community, they survive and thrive better.

Sarah Kendrick

Head of Quality, Shout

Scale support and create fast feedback loops

Our peer learning approach helps you bring training to life.

We use Networks to unite people around common learning goals so they can share their experiences about how the skills they’ve learned in training play out in real-life.

Connecting new and experienced peers alike, people get answers to their questions in minutes.

Because our intuitive tech makes it easy for anyone to share or ask questions, you’ll help learners form connections with peers and build belonging – no matter where they are.

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The Care Workforce app is there to help frontline care workers as a way of connecting colleagues from Cornwall to Carlisle.

Helen Whately

Minister for Care

Easy to deploy in weeks

Our easy-to-use content authoring tool means you can quickly design interactive, beautiful, and engaging content learners will love.

We’ve delivered over 20,000 peer learning deployments, so we’ll train your team on how to design peer learning content that gets results. We can even help you do some of the heavy lifting while you get started.

Build your content for any use case, or choose from our content library of 100s of learning pathways in areas like mental health, leadership, and inclusion to help you get going faster.

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Insights you can't get anywhere else

Our listening tools help you move with agility. Spot common trends and create new best practice content in hours or days. Then measure the response.

We’ll help you take the temperature of your workforce, spot knowledge gaps, and understand if they’re applying what they learned in training.

Use polls, sentiment analysis, and 100s of other data points to check in on how your learners are doing.

And rest assured knowing that Hive Learning users typically benefit from 50% higher learning retention than from face-to-face training alone. And 88% take action on what they’ve learned.

What else makes our peer learning solutions so powerful?

Easy-to-search content and comments

Comments are evergreen; learn from them any time

Easy campaign management and engagement strategies

Use scalable engagement tools to make your job easier

Programmatic or network based

Endless opportunities for deployment

Seamlessly connect to other development experiences

With everything from your own branding to integrations

Any learner can create content

Our easy-to-use editor gives unparalleled flexibility

Consumer grade UX, mobile first

The best parts of social media create a familiar experience

Up and running in as little as two weeks

It's quick and easy to deploy, so we can help you go fast

On demand analytics and deep insight analysis

Get all the data you need at your fingertips

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