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“HalmaHub is a focal point for learning, sharing best practice and networking across the group at a much deeper level than just the most senior ranks. This has accelerated the pace of change and collaboration between the companies.” 
Andrew Williams, CEO, Halma


Halma plc is a FTSE 100 global group of life-saving technology companies. They provide solutions to problems the world faces in infrastructure, medical technology, environmental safety and life sciences. In everyday life, this looks like diagnostic devices used in hospitals or equipment to test water and safeguard people’s health around the world.

Halma runs a two-day leadership event every two years called HITE (Halma Innovation, Technology and Experimentation), where senior managers meet to share learnings and ideas. Executive Director, Chief Talent and Communications Officer, Jennifer Ward, had the vision to extend this key learning experience beyond the few days that leaders could be with each other in person to really embed the learning and create behavior change.

One of the challenges in doing this? Halma is made up of 50 businesses in 19 countries. Halma wanted to create more opportunities for these businesses to collaborate, share ideas, and share technical knowledge across digital and technical capabilities.

Embedding learning with HalmaHub

Working with Hive Learning, Halma turned what was two rich days of leadership learning into a year-long change program. They did this by launching HalmaHub, a platform powered by Hive Learning where leaders could find content and connect with each other.

Before long, HalmaHub became the space for leaders at Halma to gather, swap secrets and transferable knowledge, and fuel their learning experiences for longer.

“I found it very useful after HITE because everything which was discussed and viewed was actually fed back to us.”
Abbas Sotoudeh, Managing Director, Keeler Ltd

What made HalmaHub fit into the busy day-to-day of Halma’s business leaders was how accessible and easy it was to use Hive Learning’s platform. It was designed to be mobile-first, so leaders could get to information on multiple devices at a time that worked for them. Leaders used HalmaHub as a seamless part of their working day, describing it as “very user-friendly”.

“I have got it on my iPhone, iPad, laptop. So depending on where it is and so on in fact, while I’m traveling I use it a lot more.”
Abbas Sotoudeh, Managing Director, Keeler Ltd

Halma’s HR and L&D teams worked with Hive Learning’s Customer Success Team to position HalmaHub as an essential tool for business growth. Their aim was to take advantage of opportunities, strengthen entrepreneurial thinking and accelerate innovation at Halma.

Halma's Jennifer Ward on how Hive Learning helped them accelerate growth

After the success of HITE, Halma rolled out Hive Learning to all of their 5,500 employees around the world. It’s since become the place to boost everyday learning through peer interactions. Just by opening HalmaHub through the Hive Learning app, employees get instant access to the thoughts and tacit knowledge of others who have managed to solve the same challenges they’re facing now.

“I really enjoyed Hive Learning. As a new joiner, you come in and you don’t know anyone. And in one space, I managed to get the opinions of all our employees across three continents, 50 different companies.”
George Proietti, Sector Talent & Culture Director

HalmaHub has since been named one of Halma’s seven core growth enablers that contributed to record profit and growth. Halma and Hive Learning’s innovative partnership has gained recognition outside of both organizations too.

In 2018, Halma and Hive Learning were awarded Gold for ‘Best use of social and collaborative learning technologies’ at the Learning Technologies Awards. The judges were amazed at how HalmaHub had transformed the organization and said,

This didn’t stop Halma and Hive Learning pushing forward to improve HalmaHub together and claim another award the following year. In 2019, Halma won the Silver Award for ‘External Learning Solution of the Year’ at the prestigious 2019 Learning Awards for their work with Hive Learning.

Beyond everyday interactions and peer-to-peer learning experiences, HalmaHub continues to evolve. Most recently, Halma rolled out Hive Learning’s digital inclusion program on the app — modeling inclusion in the process by making the program available in 9 languages and accessible to on-site workers without internet access.


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