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“We wanted to use a modern learning solution that would facilitate that social learning and also drive a sense of connectedness across our community…we decided to partner with Hive Learning because it was important for us to recognise that there were differing views and perspectives on DEI across our workforce.”
 Sue Rabbett-Brown  VP People & Culture, Vacuum Technique Business Area, Atlas Copco


Atlas Copco is a Swedish multinational industrial company that was founded in 1873. They manufacture industrial tools and equipment. They have 43,000 employees and customers in more than 180 countries. Their Vacuum Technique Business Area collaborates with customers to turn industry ideas into leading edge technology. 

Their primary skills requirement surrounded diversity, equity and inclusion because, as a global organization, upskilling in this area across a large, globally dispersed workforce was critical to business success.

Goals of the program:

  • Empower and hold their employees accountable in coming up with new and different solutions to skills challenges. 
  • Achieve more cross collaboration and communication across countries, divisions and job-level to enable employees to embrace diverse perspectives and create a sense of belonging and psychological safety.
  • Overcome the challenge around the difficulty of measuring behavior change at scale leveraging the capabilities of the Hive Learning platform to create the most effective and data-driven Inclusion programme.  


Programs at scale, across borders

Hive Learning began by connecting Atlas Copco’s global HR teams and internal skills champions in order to gain buy-in across the organization. 

This group was very diverse in geography, culture, roles and seniority and so Atlas Copco utilized Hive Learning’s personalized approach to quickly create content that was relevant and culturally suitable for all users. 

As with all of Hive Learning’s programs, proven learning methodologies to ensure maximum impact were at the core. Practical bitesize resources paired with engagement strategies and the social platform design allowed teams to upskill in less than 20 minutes per week, driving daily actions reaching maximum impact.

Regional program for Atlas Copco’s Vacuum Technique employees in Japan

This program demonstrated Hive Learning’s capabilities in delivering personalized, localized learning to upskill employees quickly for businesses to ensure they remain future-proof. 

In this case, it was key that Atlas Copco had teams across the globe that were able to quickly adopt skills around DE&I to ensure they remained competitive in their global markets. 


  • 80% active users in just the first month 
  • 40% participants commenting and sharing new ideas
  • 92% of participants rated the content as good or very good 
  • 80% of participants now know what inclusion looks like at work and how they contribute to it 
  • 88% of participants now know how to include colleagues who are different to themselves 

Hive Learning’s team worked closely with Atlas Copco to understand their learners and how best to create and maintain high engagement through proven learning methodologies. 

Because of Hive Learning’s ability to measure impact, Atlas Copco gained deep insights into their skills gaps, which helped them further develop their long-term strategy for upskilling the business in inclusion.


global employees


active users in just the first month 


of participants now know how to include colleagues who are different to themselves 

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