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“We’re definitely seeing people making career moves, they’re improving their leadership behaviours and they’re really making an impact across the business” – Helen Fawcett, Head of Early Careers at National Grid


National Grid’s 22,000 employees deliver electricity and gas safely, reliably, and efficiently to their customers and communities across England, Wales, New York and Massachusetts; all whilst working towards a clean energy future. 

As the energy industry undergoes rapid transformation, together with Hive Learning, they created their ‘Future Leaders’ program.  A pathway was designed for emerging talent to reach their full potential and embed critical skills needed to succeed in the future.

The critical need for learning

National Grid faced a number of challenges in upskilling their emerging talent, including:

  • Creating a consistent learning experience for employees across the UK and US.
  • Aligning learning content with the company’s values and culture.
  • Finding a scalable solution that could be easily, quickly and repeatably rolled out to employees.
  • Embedding continuous learning that would become a habit and drive business outcomes.

The solution

Hive Learning and National Grid partnered to create a leadership development program that was mapped to National Grid’s existing 5 Manager Essentials Framework. The program was delivered using Hive Learning’s data-driven insights, enabling hyper-personalised learning and bespoke content tailored to individual learners; providing a single place to access all learning content. 

The sprints in the program included content that included how to lead in a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) environment, how to adapt leadership skills, and effective feedback giving. 

This 100-person program runs twice a year and has consistently achieved 100% registration and over-subscription across multiple business units across the UK and US. 

The future 

The partnership between National Grid and Hive Learning has been a success, opening up other opportunities to the wider organisation, such as the First Line Leaders program. As the energy industry continues to transform, National Grid will continue to invest in its emerging talent: positioning itself to stay ahead of the skills gap and drive success in the future. 

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“We are excited about anyone who is trying to invigorate and energize the market with some fresh thinking. That’s why we’re excited about the work Hive Learning is doing.”

David Perring
Director of Research, Fosway Group


registration to a self-nominated program with over-subscription, showing a real demand for learning


of cohort 1 accessed the platform at least once a week throughout the 5-month program


improvement in understanding across all topics, in particular Psychological Safety and Team Culture

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