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We specialize in rapidly equipping businesses with relevant skills that seamlessly align with your business strategy by combining human expertise with the scalable power of GenAI.

The problems we solve:

Our solution improves knowledge retention, fits seamlessly into your existing systems, and delivers measurable improvements in learning outcomes

Lengthy Design Processes

The lengthy process of designing relevant learning experiences can delay the implementation of training programs and reduce their timeliness.


Employee Disengagement

Learners often disengage or lack motivation, leading to ineffective learning outcomes and reduced retention of material.

Irrelevant Learning Experiences

Generic or irrelevant learning experiences can fail to address the specific needs and interests of employee, resulting in lower engagement and effectiveness.

Lack of Practical Application

Employee often struggle to find practical opportunities to apply new skills, leading to a gap between theoretical knowledge and real-world application.

Our GenAI Difference

Hive Learning Suite

The Hive Learning Suite is our solution for nurturing a culture of continuous skill development within your organization. It’s designed to cover every aspect of the skill development and learning journey, from the initial design of tailored content with the facilitation of interactive learning experiences and tangible outcomes. 



Tailored Curriculum Design

Empower your industry learning with tailored curriculums. Create and update courses effortlessly for maximum impact.

BuzzFacilitator (glasses option 1)


Dynamic Learning Engagement

Improve learning with in-workflow interaction, boosting engagement and skill application for real growth and team synergy.



Strategic Learning Impact Analysis

Go deeper into learning strategy effectiveness with advanced analysis, ensuring measurable outcomes from your investments.

Seamlessly run and integrate into any ecosystem

Our integration capabilities seamlessly complement and expand the value of your existing tech providers, from unified comms to your HCM system, ensuring a smooth and cohesive learning experience that is adaptable and integrated within your organisational processes.

Integrations Ecosystem

“We are excited about anyone who is trying to invigorate and energise the market with some fresh thinking. That’s why we’re excited about the work Hive Learning is doing.”

David Perring
Director of Research, Fosway Group

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