Acceptable Use Policy

Effective Date: 10 Jan 2024 

Hive Learning – Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) 

This AUP governs how you, the Authorised User, may access and use the Services. Any capitalised terms used but not defined in this AUP shall have the meaning given to them in our User Terms. Your continued use of the Services indicates your agreement to be bound by this AUP and the User Terms (and any updates notified to you). If you do not accept any part of this AUP or the User Terms then you must stop using the Services. 

Your access to and use of the Services has been authorised by the Customer (or its affiliate) and you must ensure that your use of the Services is in accordance with this AUP, our User Terms, and any Customer requirements. You must not share any confidential or commercially sensitive information to the Services, nor breach any other duty you owe to the Customer. You acknowledge and agree that personal information which you choose to share to the Services will be visible to other people and this personal information will be processed on the basis that you have consented to such disclosure. 

Unacceptable use 

You agree not to use the Services: 

Submission standards 

The Services may allow you to post Submissions. Your Submissions must: 

We, the Service provider, are not obliged to monitor or moderate Submissions. However, if notified, we may remove a Submission which violates this AUP. 

Service Content generated using AI Features 

Where Service content (“Output”) is generated using AI-powered Features, you acknowledge that the Output: does not represent the Service provider’s views or opinions, it may not always be accurate, and you should not rely on it as a sole source of truth or factual information. You should evaluate Outputs for accuracy, completeness, and appropriateness for your use. 

Breach of this Policy 

In the event of a breach of this AUP or the User Terms your access to the Services may be terminated or suspended. Submissions that violate this AUP may be removed and other action may be taken as necessary to remedy the breach. You are encouraged to report any violations to the Customer promptly.