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At Hive Learning, our focus has always been on helping organisations adopt the behaviours critical for growth.

In 2018, 78% of companies prioritised diversity to improve culture and 62% put diversity at the top of their change agenda with the goal of boosting financial performance, according to LinkedIn’s Global Trends report for 2018.

That’s why we’ve spent the past year using what we know about putting change into action to build Kaleidoscope – a practical mobile-first toolkit designed to help people be more inclusive every day.

To build the programme, we curated more than 700 leading sources on diversity and inclusion and spent the year speaking to inspiring experts, advisors, clients, prospects and friends about the most effective ways to build an inclusive culture daily.

We found that while a lot of process and a lot of theory already exist around building more diverse processes, there is very little practical advice about how to build a more inclusive culture. And as we all know, an inclusive culture is essential for reaping the benefits of diversity.

Inclusive cultures can help us get the best out of everyone – both minority and majority – increasing creativity, innovation, high-quality decision making, and ultimately the bottom line.

But for most of us – however well-meaning we are – there are some facets of inclusion that are blind spots. That’s why we’re on a mission to help every person in every organisation make small changes to be more inclusive every day.

And as part of that mission, we wanted to share all of the actionable advice we picked up over the past year (as well as everything we’re yet to learn) with all of you.

That’s why we’re proud to launch Inclusion Works – a podcast exploring the secrets of building an inclusive culture at work and in the community, featuring practical advice from the movers, shakers and changemakers bringing fresh thinking to the inclusion debate.

We’ll bring you fortnightly interviews that share insight into the big picture stuff, the nitty gritty, and the changes you can make tomorrow.

In episode 1, we’re honoured to be joined by Asif Sadiq, MBE from The Telegraph . An in-depth interview packed with insight on how to bolster belonging. Tune in to find out the small steps you can take to put change into action today.

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