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AI and learning as it stands

The first wave of AI was all about Generative AI (Gen AI) and focussed on how it could produce more in a shorter amount of time, but now we’re fast approaching the next wave which is all about Synthesis AI (Synth AI), which is even more exciting for learning.

Firstly, let’s take a look at what the first wave of AI has meant for L&D:

  • The World Economic Forum predicts that by 2025, AI and related technologies will disrupt 85 million jobs while creating 97 new ones globally. This is contributing to widening skill gaps, increasing the need for L&D
  • AI is creating new opportunities for L&D to create and deliver more impactful learning programs at scale and quicker than ever before
  • AI requires L&D teams to upskill themselves as well as the employees across their organisation

With this in mind, L&D teams need to start planning to stay ahead against the backdrop of this new and ever-evolving landscape.

How is the landscape changing for AI and learning?

The first wave of AI-powered technology that we’ve seen thus far have revolved around generative AI (Gen AI) applications. 

These tools have been designed to create new content based on a set of instructions, showing promise in tasks such as quick and high quality content creation at scale which is allowing L&D and HR teams to deliver more results in a shorter amount of time.

We’re now anticipating a shift from Gen AI to Synth AI. This second wave of AI-powered technology will expand AI’s capabilities beyond just generation towards the synthesis and analysis of information. 

The opportunities for L&D in light of this new wave are groundbreaking. L&D teams can expect, with the right tools, to unlock better insights and content synthesis than ever before, which will lend itself to more effective and faster decision-making for L&D functions. 

A closer look at what Synth AI means for L&D

By summarising vast amounts of learning data into concise actionable insights, Synth AI could save countless hours of research and analysis for L&D professionals. For example, Hive Learning is already harnessing Synth AI to provide L&D and HR teams with data on not just who is engaging with and completing learning but how well they’re grasping new learning and where gaps exist that require more attention. 

These more targeted and effective learning outcomes are empowering L&D teams to move quicker than ever before and maximise on ROI.

It doesn’t end there either. Synth AI can also take evolving information, analyse it and synthesise it to be utilised in endless new and more relevant contexts. 

In the context of L&D, Synth AI can process and update large volumes of  ever-evolving information that is critical to employees delivering their jobs into highly-contextualised, relevant learning material. For example, imagine that your organisation has a large amount of product knowledge and information which is in constant evolution and this knowledge is critical to the successful everyday operations of your business. It’s impossible for your L&D teams to keep up with the pace of this change to release relevant and contextual learning materials on time and at scale. 

This is where Synth AI comes in – it empowers your L&D teams to overcome this challenge and can unlock potential within your organisation like never before.

The bigger picture

AI is reaching enterprise scale, which is big news for L&D. For context, 94% of respondents to a recent 451 Research Voice of the Enterprise Survey indicated that AI is important to their organisation’s digital transformation efforts. It is no longer only something harnessed by IT or data science specialists, but is now being deployed across organisations to a multitude of business teams. 

This goes to show that even organisations and functions that haven’t been heavily involved in the first wave of the AI transformation will be getting involved in the near future – meaning that L&D teams in every organisation need to be one step ahead, readying their skills roadmap and developing tomorrow’s skills, today.

An exciting step

This is a real milestone in what has already been an exciting transformative journey for AI and L&D. One thing that’s certain is that AI promises to augment human work in L&D and allow for more with less – all against a backdrop marked by overstretched L&D teams and widening skill gaps.

Hive Learning is working with L&D teams from a variety of different industries to help them navigate the transition to AI-powered learning, while not compromising on quality and impact.

Click below to hear from a member of our team on how Hive Learning can equip your team to make the most out of AI-powered innovations in learning.


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