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With the HRD Summit UK taking place next week in Birmingham, here’s a rundown of the sessions we’re determined not to miss. See you there!

Day 1, Tuesday, 4 February 2020

Tapping into new avenues for the best talent
Starts at 11:50

The war for talent isn’t going away – finding the right people with the right skills is just as hard as ever. Organisations must look beyond the standard resourcing pipelines to create innovative sourcing models that find talent in new places. For example, being prepared to upskill inexperienced recruits through apprenticeships can bring in alternatively skilled people into your workforce early in their career.

To do this successfully requires a rethink of your strategy as a whole – where is your untapped talent potential? Do you need to be more flexible in your recruitment and/or onboarding process? How do you embed the required mindset change into a large organisation?

This session, led by Lynne Burns, HR Director at HSBC UK, will explore how they have examined and widened their acquisition process – widening access and filling their talent gaps.

Hive Learning’s Masterclass session: 5 practical steps for driving culture change at scale according to the world’s most innovative companies
Starts at 12:30

Changing culture remains a critical priority for many of the world’s most innovative organisations. Two-thirds rank building an inclusive culture as one of their most pressing priorities according to Deloitte, while organisations with a strong learning culture are 92% more likely to innovate according to Bersin. But one truth remains – most change efforts fail.

So how do you get 95% of your people proactively learning and collaborating together every day? And achieve 100% monthly active usage on your learning programmes? And drive an 88% increase in action against bias in under 2 months?

Whether you’re trying to build a more inclusive culture, a culture of everyday learning or a culture where everyone embraces and champions change, our insights curated from thousands of the world’s fastest-growing companies have uncovered 5 secrets for driving change at scale.

Join this practical, interactive session hosted by Julia Tierney, Chief Customer Officer of Hive Learning, to get 5 actionable insights you can put into practice from tomorrow.

A purpose to be proud of
Starts at 17:45

The modern workforce values being part of an organisation that means something to them; being able to see the value in their work, and how it feeds into the wider mission.

Presented by Hilary McGrady, Director of General National Trust, this keynote will explore the value of creating an authentic purpose that connects the hearts and minds of employees. How can you leverage this energy, and harness the power of employee stories? How do you create a company purpose that really inspires employees and inspire ambassadors for your brand?

Day 2, Wednesday, 5 February 2020

Creating Lasting Cultural Transformation
Starts at 09:00

Time and again, organisations invest time, energy and resources into ambitious cultural change initiatives only for them to fall apart the moment they don’t have HR focussing their full attention on driving them.

Is it possible to get long term cultural change down to a science? How do you benchmark success? Join this session, presented by Eric Hutcherson, EVP CHRO of the National Basketball Association, to hear from an organisation that has mastered the transformation process and is seeing real returns on investment.

Navigating the workforce of the future
Starts at 09:00

It’s no secret that the workforce is changing, but what will this really mean for the workplace? For the first time, 5 generations are working side by side with different skill sets, expectations and needs. 9-5 full time office employment, whilst once the standard, is fading in favour of flexible options. Join this session with Jason Fowler, VP HRD UK&I and Northern Europe, and Rachel Marsh, Head of People and Culture for Future Workplace at Fujitsu for a deep dive into the ways organisations can get ahead of the curve with preparing for the workforce of the future.

Reinventing learning and development agility for the future
Starts at 09:00

We know that learning opportunities are important to the workforce – stats show that many employees rank a lack of training and development as a major reason in their decision to leave an organisation. But if learning is so important, why is engagement so low, and ROI so hard to measure?

Join Aidan Lawrence to explore the challenges and learnings HP Inc have found in the process of re-inventing their learning and development to:

  • provide employees with impactful learning experiences
  • deliver measurable business results enabling growth and transformation
  • increase agility to accelerate future of work opportunities

Embedding Health and Wellbeing in the Organisation DNA
Starts at 11:20

The HR function plays a unique role in maintaining the human side of work, whilst also driving strategic business decisions. Increasingly, drawing the connection between wellbeing and wider business strategy has become a key part of this role. When wielded correctly, a smart wellbeing strategy can be a powerful tool. However, to make a real impact health and wellbeing initiatives need to feel authentic to those you’re supporting and they need to speak to real concerns.

How can you move your organisation’s wellbeing strategy beyond a fluff piece and into an initiative that truly understands and supports your people? This session, led by Kerry Smith, Director of People and Organisational Development at The British Heart Foundation, will take a no-fluff approach to wellbeing, looking instead at the facts and statistics that make wellbeing a business imperative – not just a nice to have.

Driving Culture with Learning: The impact of internally developed learning programmes
Starts at 11:20

We know that learning opportunities are important to the workforce – stats show that many employees rank a lack of training and development as a major reason in their decision to leave an organisation. But if learning is so important, what makes engagement with initiatives so low?

Approaching learning as part of a wider cultural initiative can not only contribute to driving the values and changes, but also legitimises setting aside time for learning as a must for everyone.

Join this session, presented by Linda Mountford, Northern Europe Commercial HR Director John West Foods, to understand the power of investing in an internally developed learning programme – from the empowerment of programme leaders with new skills to the sharing of vital legacy knowledge.

The role of ethics in the future of HR
Starts at 13:55

Over the past year trust and ethics has been a headline in the business and private sphere. The role that ethical behaviour plays in the health of an organisation is quickly becoming apparent – ranging from poor engagement scores from lack of trust to scandals that destroy both careers and personal lives.

What does it mean to be ethical as an organisation and what role should HR take in being an ethical voice? What are some of the conditions that drive unhealthy behaviour and cultures (creating the bad barrels that bad apples thrive in)?

This session will explore the role that trust plays in business and what this may mean for HR going forward.

Supporting new leaders to unlock potential
Starts at 14:35

In an increasingly VUCA world, managers and organisations will continuously be placed in new situations. Without proper support, they will usually muddle through, but the potential impact on the business will be negative. It is critical that teams can work together to respond creatively and innovatively to new challenges.

The LEGO Group believes that every colleague is a unique talent, and is committed to unlocking their potential and putting it into play. LEGO has been on a journey to reinterpret what it means to be a leader in the organisation. They’re developing and shaping the culture to enable everyone to adapt and respond innovatively to the shifting consumer, shopper and customer landscape.

Join this session to learn how LEGO have taken a fundamentally new approach to leadership to allow everyone in the organisation to feel energised while redefining the culture around leadership.

If you want to catch up with the Hive Learning team at the event and find out more about how to drive culture change at scale in your organisation, meet us at stand 29 at the HRD Summit or get in touch with Laura Keith to arrange a meeting:

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