Table of Contents

    • Introduction
    • Balancing AI’s Promise with Clarity and Utility
    • Learning Technologies: More Than Innovation?
    • More Content? Or Tailored Learning Experiences?
    • Panel Discussion Highlights – Steps to an empowered L&D team: thriving not surviving in a shifting skills landscape
    • Learning Technologies is just the tip of the iceberg


At Learning Technologies 2024 the exchange of ideas was as intense and invigorating as ever. Hive Learning spoke to over 100 L&D professionals, delving deep into the current trends and sentiments surrounding learning and AI; read on to find out what we learnt.

Balancing AI’s Promise with Clarity and Utility

Artificial intelligence continues to stir a mix of emotions within the learning community. Our engagements at the conference painted a picture of divided opinions, with many excited about the possibilities AI brings to the table while others express caution. 

“Where Hive Learning was a year ago, is where everyone else we’ve seen here is now with their AI.” – Exhibition visitor

A recurring theme was the need for greater transparency in how AI is utilized within learning technology. There was a general feeling that many vendors were playing ‘buzzword bingo’ with AI on their stands, without thinking about the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of AI but rather leading with AI for AI’s sake.

Many organisations have not successfully gauged that generative AI tools alone are not the silver bullet for engaging employees or bridging skill gaps. Human insight and expertise in crafting impactful learning experiences must always be there, with AI intentionally applied as a tool to augment, not replace.

Learning Technologies 2024: more than just innovation? 

While the spotlight at the conference was often on technological innovation, we heard a strong sentiment echoing a need to reshape how we learn and apply skills. It’s not just about cutting-edge tech; it’s about a new paradigm of learning and interacting with both technology and humans.

Within this, the idea of Experience Design in learning emerged as a crucial focal point. 

This includes exploring how learners interact with an AI coach, such as Hive Learning’s BuzzFacilitator, identifying which content genuinely improves skills, and sharing insights from these interactions. 

“The depth of questioning from AI in Hive Learning’s solutions is unmatched from a learner experience perspective”- Exhibition visitor

We discovered that learners may feel overwhelmed during extended interactions with AI, underscoring the importance of bite-sized learning and the need to tailor AI coaching to different audiences, skill areas, and business contexts.

More Content? Or Tailored Learning Experiences?

The conference brought to light a critical issue in L&D: the oversaturation of content. The focus should not be on the quantity of content but rather on creating tailored learning experiences that captivate and motivate employees to identify and bridge their own skills gaps.

“Having walked around the conference, your AI solution, BuzzCurator, is truly a unique offering in the market.” – Exhibition visitor

It was great to showcase what our solution can do with existing content to create tailored learning experiences for organisations – most notably with our BuzzCurator tool.

Panel Discussion Highlights: Steps to an empowered L&D team: Thriving not surviving in a shifting skills landscape

Hive Learning’s CEO, Laura Keith, had the honour of moderating a thought-provoking panel with Tejal Shah, Global Head, Talent at Kantar and Emma Adderley, Performance & Recognition Manager, Lloyds. They shared insights on how their organisations and they as individuals are harnessing AI and technology to empower managers, improve team engagement, and facilitate autonomous, impactful learning.

With Hive Learning, Kantar has embraced AI to create more personalised and efficient learning experiences. From upskilling managers in ‘learning sprints’ to empowering employees with AI-enhanced learning tools, these leaders are charting a course for a future where technology and human expertise converge to unlock potential at all levels of an organisation.

Learning Technologies is just the tip of the iceberg

The transformation in learning technologies demands agility and adaptability. It is a leveller, and we’re all learners in this evolving landscape. If you’d like to hear more from experts in L&D, make sure you sign up to the Hive Learning newsletter for weekly insights. 

Want to join us at our next webinar? Our CPO, Fabrizio Conrado will be speaking with Tim Munden, former CLO at Unilever about strategies for L&D leaders amidst transformation.

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