Integrations can be a confusing business, and with organizations increasingly looking to streamline their tech stacks, more than ever L&D professionals have been asking us about integrations.

So, we decided to walk and talk with our in-house expert, Heri Chiragi, Technical Success Manager at Hive Learning and ask him to debunk learning technology integrations for us.


What are integrations and why do they matter in L&D?


Many organizations juggle a mix of technologies, from instant messaging platforms like Microsoft Teams all the way to Learning Management Systems (LMS). 


The disjointedness this can cause can be counterproductive for learners. Integrations act as the glue that brings these disparate elements together, fostering a smooth and uninterrupted learning process that supports user success.

Simply put, the more seamless the experience, the better the learning outcomes – not only in the form of engagement but also in how learning becomes tangible action in the workplace. 


Key Technologies that Hive Learning integrates with


Hive Learning has recognized the need for integrations with tools that are integral to daily business operations. We integrate with popular communication tools such as Microsoft Teams and Slack, as well as essential HR systems like Workday.

These integrations arm L&D professionals with actionable data on learner engagement and progress, enabling informed decision-making and reporting. 


The tangible benefits of integrations 


By integrating Hive Learning with Microsoft Teams, we observed a significant 33 percent increase in registration rates post-integration. This is just one example of where the right technological synergy can lead to remarkable improvements in user engagement and program uptake.


What about security and privacy?


When it comes to integrations, security cannot be an afterthought. Hive Learning ensures the protection of data and privacy through ISO 27001 accreditation, end-to-end encryption, and isolated client data storage. 


These stringent measures guarantee that the integrity and confidentiality of information remain uncompromised.


Upcoming Integration Developments


Looking ahead, Hive Learning is focusing on expanding its integration capabilities, with particular attention to HR systems such as Workday, responding to growing demand. 


Additionally, we are working on integrations with LMSs that will allow for broader content distribution through SCORM compliance.


Where do I start with integrations?


For those beginning their journey with learning technology integrations, Heri advises starting simple and always considering the end user’s experience.

By keeping the learner’s journey at the forefront, L&D professionals can craft experiences that not only facilitate ease of access but also encourage learners to apply their newfound knowledge.




In summary, integrations are more than just a technical necessity; they are a strategic component that can drive learner engagement and program success.


Thank you, Heri, for the enlightening walk-and-talk. Your insights help guide us toward a more integrated and effective approach to learning and development.


P.S. If you’ve never seen 73 questions with Vogue, we highly recommend you watch their videos on YouTube…they’re nearly as good as ours! Catch it below!



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