If you’re anything like us, you’re curious about the world of GenAI and what it can do to optimise your business. 


📒 In the McKinsey State of Organisations 2023 report, one of the biggest shifts set to transform organisations this year is: making way for applied AI.


GenAI is more than just a potential opportunity to boost a company’s operations; it can be used to build better organisations. 


So how can you, as a busy leader, use GenAI to your advantage? 


The reality is that GenAI can already start to solve some of our greatest leadership challenges. Using qualitative data, GenAI provides insightful solutions on how to get the most out of your people while keeping them engaged and motivated – whether remote, hybrid or in the office. For example:


📈 Workflow: GenAI algorithms can analyse work patterns, find bottlenecks, and optimise time and resources. This helps leaders and teams identify areas for improvement, streamline processes, and enhance work efficiency.


💪 Motivation: GenAI can tailor the work experience for employees based on their preferences, skills, and work patterns. It can provide personalised learning recommendations, suggest relevant training materials, or offer customised task assignments. This personalisation helps workers stay engaged, motivated, and productive.


🧑‍🤝‍🧑Succession planning: GenAI can assist in identifying and developing potential successors for key leadership positions. Through data analysis of performance records, skills, competencies, and career trajectories, future leaders are highlighted. GenAI can also assess the alignment between an individual’s skills and the requirements of specific positions, helping organisations make more informed decisions regarding succession planning. 


📝Collaboration: GenAI-powered collaboration tools facilitate effective communication and collaboration among remote teams. These tools provide features such as real-time messaging, video conferencing, document sharing, and task management. GenAI can enhance collaboration by automating repetitive tasks, suggesting relevant documents or resources, and improving the overall efficiency of virtual teamwork.


GenAI is a game-changer, there’s no doubt about it.


⚖️ But, is Gen AI ethical?


The big question on our minds is: how can we be both curious and responsible when it comes to incorporating GenAI into our business?

  • How do we use GenAI ethically? 
  • Is it possible to navigate the risks and challenges?
  • How can we ensure we are using the power of GenAI for good? 

Especially when we know that it’s not perfect – and that it’s ever changing.


📑 Throughout our experimentation with GenAI, we’ve been guided by a set of principles. 


We aim to be ethical, to create solutions that are sustainable and scalable, and to ensure that our products and programs are unbiased, inclusive, and accessible.


So for us, the answer is that we see GenAI as another tool in the toolbox. It’s what we think of as part of our collective genius.  


GenAI is an assistant, not an expert. We still rely on our people as experts, editors, and thought leaders – but GenAI optimises the working experience and lets us move further, faster. 


To make sure we stay on track and maintain a balance between this emerging tech and human insight, we’ve developed the AHAH! Principle to safeguard the design of all new content:


‘A’ is for AI assisted 💻

– We use GenAI to speed us up and be more agile, but its job is as an assistant. It doesn’t replace human intelligence, it augments it.


‘H’ stands for Human led 🙋

– GenAI isn’t able to create the authentic ‘ahah’ moments that make what we do great. To make people go ‘wow’, we believe humans need to lead gen AI, not follow it.

A’ refers to AI resourced 💻

– AI has a toolkit bigger than we collectively ever had access to before. We’ll make the most of it in a way that’s in keeping with our principles.

H’ means Human checked 🙋

– Humans  have the final say on what GenAI does. It’s how we quality check what we do with GenAI.


Leveraging what GenAI can do has been at times encouraging, frustrating, and tremendously inspiring.  


⚒️ Building a framework for how we use it has helped us stay true to our guiding principles – and allowed us to innovate in ways that meet the needs of our clients with intention and care.

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