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Fact or fiction? (hybrid work quiz)

Understanding hybrid work collection (Part 4 of 5)


🎯 To sum it up

There are a lot of myths around hybrid work that don’t hold up when we examine the facts. It’s up to us to bust those myths so we can be successful hybrid team leaders.
It’s always important to reexamine our assumptions whenever we’re presented with new details. That’s part of remaining flexible and open to growth.

🎬 Take Action: Fact or Fiction (Quiz)

Let’s take a quick quiz to find out what other lessons we still need to learn.

True or False: Finding the right balance of in-office to remote working days is the biggest challenge facing hybrid leaders today.


While some see this as a major challenge, it’s actually a distraction from the real challenges of hybrid work. Instead of asking “How many days should we work from the office?” we should be asking “What work must be done from the office, and what can be done remotely?” Finding this balance is one major factor in getting hybrid right.


True or False: You can have strong company culture even when working remotely.

Many companies felt like their company culture eroded when they switched to working remotely. Just because it did happen doesn’t mean it’s always that way. With intention and clear communication, it’s possible to have a strong company culture whether your team is all on-site, all remote, or a hybrid of the two.

True or False: Remote workers are more likely to be passed over for bonuses and promotions.

Remote workers are more likely to be passed over for bonuses and promotions. This is due to a phenomenon called “proximity bias.” Just because this is true doesn’t mean we have to accept it, though. We’ll talk about how to conquer proximity bias later in this series.
Proximity bias is a real issue. The good news is that we can put an end to proximity bias and not let it rule our decision making.

True or False: Remote workers need more oversight than on-site workers.


Despite a few outliers, remote employees tend to be as productive than on-site employees. What they need more than oversight are trust and regular communication.


True or False: Getting hybrid right is a difficult challenge.


It may feel natural to some, but for the most part hybrid work is a challenge. That’s why there’s so much research into the topic. Thankfully, that means we have a lot of data and support. With effort we can adapt to a new way of leadership.

There wouldn’t be so much talk about hybrid if it were natural or intuitive. Remember that leadership in general has always been a challenge though. In fact, in 2019 leadership development was an estimated $370 Billion USD industry. Just because it’s hard doesn’t mean it’s impossible.


Deepen your understanding

Take a simple action this week.
✅ Pick a topic from one of the questions above, or a topic related to hybrid work.
✅ Spend 10 to 15 minutes researching an article that talks more about the subject. Try to find one that debunks myths or offers suggestions on solving the problem.
✅ Share a link with your team when you’re done.

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