With the HRD Summit US taking place less than one week away in Boston, here’s a rundown of the sessions we’re determined not to miss. See you there.


The unique experiences
Tuesday 26 March at 7.30pm

The Hive Learning team are kicking off HRD US summit with an exclusive dinner. Hosted by the renowned venture builders, Blenheim Chalcot, the discussion will focus on the changing People Policy expectations in the workplace caused by ESG pressures to Boards.

An impressive group of senior peers at the forefront of change in the US will come together to kick off the Summit inspired and in style. This intimate dinner is invitation-only for C-level professionals. To find out more, please contact fred.smith@hivelearning.com.


Josh Bersin’s keynote on HR’s Essential Role in the New World of Work
Tuesday 26 March at 08:30am

AI and robotics are changing the world of work. Organisations are asking people to become closer to customers and re-skill themselves on a regular basis. The esteemed Josh Bersin, Principal and Founder of Bersin by Deloitte, will present how companies can leverage technology and best practices to enhance the ways employees work, learn and develop.


SongDivision on Curating a Culture of Innovation
Wednesday 27 March at 09:55am

Brace yourselves for this interactive session with Angus Clark, SongDivision’s Chief Story Teller, as he guides you through lessons on innovation. Angus will use ‘musical storytelling’ to teach you how to use music to aid innovation and creativity within your organisation. This is one of several ‘deconstructed keynotes’ taking place across the two days, so make sure you catch one.


The Future of Work
Tuesday 26 March at 2.05pm

This will be a great talk for anyone curious about the changing world economy, future trends and how they will impact the business landscape and the role of HR. An executive panel with the likes of Cisco and TimeInc will discuss how HR can influence change.


Hive Learning’s executive armchair discussion: Practical advice on how to put inclusion into action from the world’s leading organizations
Tuesday 26 March at 12.05pm

Research has shown that process alone cannot solve the diversity problem. We have to put inclusion into action too.

In this session, we’re excited to bring together change leaders Kirsty Devine – Head of US HR, The Financial Times and Marvin Hamilton – VP of People, Conde Nast.

Whether it’s unconscious bias, hiring policies or encouraging more inclusive behaviour everyday, it can be hard to know where to start. In this actionable talk you’ll get the lowdown from three change leaders, on how to put inclusion into action and how to leverage practical applications for change.

This year’s inaugural HRD Summit US follows the success of HRD UK and HRD Europe, and we can’t wait to hear from the brightest and best in the industry.

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