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2 December 2019, London / New York: Hive Learning — the peer learning platform that radically accelerates innovation, collaboration and inclusion — is excited to launch Inclusion Works FRONTLINE, a series of pointed, focused and action-orientated pulse reports curated from the insights of 100s of the world’s leading changemakers and culture leaders.


The inaugural report launched today focuses on ‘diversity fatigue and how to overcome it’.


A recent report from Atlassian identified the adoption of company-wide D&I initiatives remains flat, with a 50% decrease in individual participation year-on-year. Hive Learning sought to understand why people have fallen out of love with the D&I agenda and what organisations need to do to reinvigorate progress.


Hive Learning speaks to 100s of D&I leaders and changemakers every week. After hearing the term diversity fatigue over and over again, the peer learning platform decided to curate the insights from a selection of these leading leaders tackling diversity fatigue head on to get their analysis on the root cause and how to overcome it.


Hive Learning found that, among other ways to overcome diversity fatigue, organisations need to move away from the parenting approach of providing traditional compliance led diversity training and a list of do’s and don’ts.


Instead, they need to empower their employees to take ownership of being more inclusive and apply an inclusion lens to the systems and processes they interact with, and the decisions they make, every day.


Based on the insights shared with Hive Learning, the report also found that there were three predominant groups suggested to have diversity fatigue — the majority, the minorities and the D&I leaders.


One D&I leader comments:


“We are all tired in some sense, however, each different group requires handling in different ways and people need to be shown how to to be more diverse and inclusive dependent on how they feel and their position.”


Hive Learning CEO  Angus McCarey comments:


“As a peer learning platform, we’re passionate about tapping into the power of your peers to share insights and ideas to make progress faster. While there’s plenty of research out there that shows diversity makes good business sense, most research in the inclusion space is published once a year and doesn’t shed any light on the real challenges of building an inclusive culture or share any practical or impactful advice on how to make progress.


“That’s why we’re excited about Inclusion Works FRONTLINE. These pulse reports are aimed at uncovering the root cause of the challenges experienced by inclusion leaders on the frontline and then distilled into the most impactful insights that can be applied right away to drive actionable results.”


The report goes on to unpack five key ways that leaders can use to help defuse the feeling of fatigue or disappointment in their organizations. It concludes:


“… focusing on the five actions mentioned in this pulse report such as creating value, measuring success and focusing on inclusion can help get rid of fatigue. However, we can also focus on something that unites them all — people. Leverage the power of your people within an organization and collaborate to make D&I a successful journey we all enjoy being on.”




About Inclusion Works Leaders FRONTLINE


Inclusion Works FRONTLINE is a series of pointed, focused and action-orientated pulse reports curated from insights and feedback from the world’s most innovative leaders. The reports aim to uncover the root cause of the challenges experienced by D&I leaders and playback the most practical insights that can be applied right away to drive results.


Download the latest Inclusion Works FRONTLINE report here.


About Hive Learning

Hive Learning — the peer learning platform — gives organizations a radically faster route to inclusion, collaboration and innovation. Our unique combination of a mobile-first peer learning platform, with an action-orientated content format, and agile learning activation services, helps organizations embed the behaviors critical for growth.


Hive Learning partners with more than 50 leading organizations, including Jaguar Land Rover, Sky, PepsiCo, Deloitte, The Football Association and the International Olympic Committee.


Founded by world-renowned coach Sir Clive Woodward and backed by the UK’s leading Venture Builder, Blenheim Chalcot, Hive Learning has a heritage of high performance and is on a mission to help people get better together every day.

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