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Hive Learning already has a global client base we’re really proud of, with users in almost every country in the world. And today we’re excited to announce the opening of our first East Coast office in New York, bringing our expertise in embedding the behaviors critical for growth to the US.


Having started life as a next generation learning platform focusing mainly on the sporting world – with organizations like The Football Association for whom we now serve over 50,000 users – our journey into the corporate world over the last 18 months has been just as inspiring.


In the last year, we have doubled our client base, and retained and expanded our usage with almost every one of our clients.


The values of our founder – Sir Clive Woodward, the Rugby World Cup Winning Head Coach and Director of Sport for Team GB at London 2012 – remain at the heart of everything we do. Clive’s cutting-edge approach to instilling relentless learning, continuous knowledge sharing and adopting the shared team behaviors that are critical for growth, still underpin everything we do at Hive Learning.


From being more inclusive, to creating and sustaining a growth mindset, and enabling an organizational wide culture of learning, building an agile workforce who can adapt quickly to change has never been more critical for growth.


According to research from CEB, the average organization has undergone more than 5 enterprise-wide transformations in the past five years and 73% expect that to accelerate. But 70% of CEOs still don’t feel that their organisation has the necessary skills to adapt to evolving technologies and markets (Deloitte Human Capital Trends 2017).


We believe that Hive Learning is uniquely positioned to use continuous learning as a catalyst for business wide transformation and we’re excited to test our transformation programmes in areas like Diversity and Inclusion, Leadership Development and Growth Mindset, with a US audience.


Our well-established combination of content, activation and a mobile-first app to deliver behavioral change programmes helps people build a healthy relationship with learning. One that doesn’t leave them feeling overwhelmed and that encourages them to feel like learning is something they want to do – not something they have to do.


According to our research, up to 9 in 10 Hive Learning users take action based on something they’ve learned and are 10X more likely to form a learning habit.


We have seen a tremendous appetite for a more effective approach to building learning cultures that are aligned to real business outcomes. We’ve already transformed how companies like Deloitte, Barclays and Jaguar Land Rover embed the behaviors critical for growth. Now we look forward to forging more successful and impactful partnerships on the ground in New York.

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