Legal & General sought Hive Learning’s expertise to establish a bespoke learning community for their new apprentices in September 2023. The challenge was to create a set of custom learning content within one month, targeted specifically at apprentices new to the corporate world to jumpstart their careers at Legal & General.

The learning content needed to be hyper-contextualized and tailored for Legal & General’s apprentice community, and it needed to be created quickly and innovatively.

Meanwhile, Hive Learning was launching ‘Buzz,’ a Gen AI Agent powered by Microsoft Azure’s OpenAI service. This technology could produce rapid personalized learning content for Hive’s client platforms.

Recognizing an innovative solution, Legal & General seized the opportunity to leverage this new technology to quickly meet the group’s needs and build the community.

Addressing Urgent Learning Needs: A Race Against Time

Legal & General faced the challenge of developing four comprehensive modules for a bespoke apprentice program, with time constraints allowing for a pilot cohort to refine the program further.

Hive Learning rose to the challenge, creating a new 30-page program in just three days, featuring custom Gen AI-developed content to meet the learning objectives and foster an active shared learning space.

The solution

In just three days, Hive Learning crafted a program featuring 30 custom AI-developed pages of content. This process, guided by Hive Learning’s ethical ‘AHAH principle,’ ensured a perfect blend of AI efficiency and human guidance.

The unique blend of AI and human expertise is what makes Hive Learning stand out:

  • AI-Assisted: We harness AI to streamline processes and enhance agility.
  • Human-Led: Authentic ‘Aha!’ moments in learning are guided by human leadership.
  • AI-Resourced: We utilize AI’s expansive toolkit in alignment with our values.
  • Human-Checked: Humans oversee all AI interactions to ensure quality.

The program catered to various learning styles, allowing for flexible learning schedules. To boost engagement, Hive Learning tracked stats including logins, page views, and comments, using data analytics. The result was a rich, engaging learning experience, tailored to individual pace and style, integrating seamlessly into daily routines.

The impact 

Legal & General stakeholders embraced this innovative AI journey as a strategic solution to the global skills shortage. Plans are underway to expand Buzz’s use to create rapid, hyper-contextualized learning for all employees and implement Hive Learning’s personal AI Agent to further accelerate development.

Achievements to date include 100% registration rates, 75% of users involved in conversations and 82% monthly active usage on Hive Learning. One user even stated:

“I love having a safe space to share ideas with my fellow apprentices”

Legal & General’s people development offering and the company learning culture continue to move from strength to strength. From the period of April 2023 to October 2023, we saw a growth of approximately 1700 new Hive Learning users on the platform.

As one of their core initiatives with Hive Learning, leadership and management training remains strong at Legal & General. Through Gen AI, Hive Learning and Legal & General are exploring new ways to create hyper-contextualized content for their employees.

Want to revolutionize your L&D? Speak with Hive Learning to discover how our Gen AI technology can transform your learning community.

“I love having a safe space to share ideas with my fellow apprentices"

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